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                      +86-0574-63296360       中文版 | English

                      Oepece Bearing

                      ABOUT US

                           NingBo Oepece Bearing Co.,Ltd.
                      NingBo Oepece Bearing Co.,Ltd. located in the east of China, at the South of Yangtze river, along coastline to be exactly ,spotted at the center of business circle of Shanghai Hangzhou and Ningbo. This location has advantages in both resources and convenient transportation.
                      Opec bearing inherits German precision technology ,classical science and technology, focus on the research and development of bearing and auto parts, also makes good efforts in producing and marketing. We’ve got two bearing production bases in mainland of China ,one is in ningbo, the other one is in Cixi, both in Zhejiang. The bases are capable of the producing good bearings, all main parts are supplier by cooprated suppliers, in order to ensure quality, and to improve the price competitiveness of our products. Bearing research and development center and bearing inspection center will guarantee the competitive ability. The advantage of our products are with high precision, long life, low noise, low vibration, low friction, high operation, high sealing, waterproof and dustproof features. All the bearing are sorted by professional equipments and to be used in various different area.


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                        "Manual" agent cooperation and win-win

                         As a commitment to the bearing enterprises to go global, OPEC has an open attitude to seek cooperation, so far, OPEC has a huge marketing group, they will soon spread all over the world together.

                        OPEC has always been a "win-win" concept, and strive to enhance the interests of agents. Set up bearing testing center and R & D center to ensure the consistency of each product.
                        This is to the National Recruitment agents:
                        1 if you have a bearing industry experience;
                        2 if you have your own store or personal connections;
                        3 if you agree with the OPEC business model;
                        4 if you have a strong brand awareness, commitment to the long-term development of the bearing area;
                        5 if you have a certain marketing strategy and advanced management methods.
                        Then every OPEC will sincerely welcome you. If you come, you will get it:
                        1 quality products, can completely replace imports;
                        2 high impact brand, heritage German precision technology and classical technology;
                        3 full range of technical support, OPEC has a strong technical support team for your pre-sale, sale, after the sale of a lot of work;
                        4 fair system, strict regional protection and price system;
                        5 a full range of training and gathering, to provide you with a horizontal and vertical communication platform;
                        6 sub sectors or sub regional sharing information platform, OPEC can provide large data for each agent free;
                        7 support the first level agents to develop and manage two or three agents, allowing the development and management of two agents three agents, and free referral to the customer to all levels of agents;
                        8 customer online distribution and full service.
                        Euro OK OPEC
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                        The characteristics of double row deep groove ball bearing and use should be paid attention to matters

                        Cixi in shape of double row deep groove ball bearing raceway and roller has excellent fit between tao and steel ball.Double row deep groove ball bearings in addition to bear radial load, also can withstand axial load in both directions.
                        Features: double row deep groove ball bearing is suitable for application in a single row deep groove ball bearing load bearing configuration by the lack of ability.For outer diameter and inner diameter and deep groove ball bearing the same double row deep groove ball bearing, its width is larger, the load capacity is also significantly higher than that of 62 and 63 series single row deep groove ball bearings.
                        Standard deep groove ball bearings for the common set of radial internal clearance.
                        Use notice:
                        In the condition of low temperature starting or grease under the condition of high viscosity, may need a larger minimum load, bearing the weight of, combined with external forces, often by more than the required minimum load.If has not been able to achieve the minimum load, the bearing must be based on an additional radial load.
                        The bearing capacity of the axial load If double row deep groove ball bearings to pure axial load, under normal circumstances should not exceed 0, 5 Co.Excessive axial load may greatly reduce the working life of the bearing.

                      Cixi production base:bearing road, hengshi village, henghe town, cixi, zhejiang province  Tel:+86-0574-82300706  Fax:+86-0574-63296360   E-mail:[email protected]

                      Anhui Production Base: No. 1 Xiyang Road, Huangshan Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province   Tel:0559-5266658    Fax: 0559-5290625                                   

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